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Stay at our hotel in Milano Marittima for great golf at the Adriatic Golf Club or the Le Siepi Horse Centre


Among the pristine pine forests and salt lakes in a setting of rare natural beauty and a short walk from the sea, 50 hectares and 27 holes that make up the Adriatic Golf Club di Cervia, a favourite of international tourists.

The nine-hole course along the pine forest, a classic Scottish link all over the dunes with a rather narrow fairway that requires considerable precision; the other nine holes are very open and very spacious, where the obstacle of the water is king; the last nine holes made in 2004 show a completely innovative path that makes the game extremely fun.

During your stay by the sea, here at our Hotel Suisse in Milano Marittima-Cervia Agreed Hotels the Adriatic Golf Club di Cervia , you will have the chance to improve your skills or to look on this noble and elegant sport for the first time, thanks to the great proximity (about 2 kilometres) between the 3-star Hotel and the Adriatic Golf Club di Cervia.

Le Siepi Horse Centre
The area around Milano Marittima-Cervia is full of interests and passions, so staying here at the 3-star Hotel Suisse you will have the chance to practice and watch many sports.

Besides the beach, here at the Hotel Suisse Milano Marittima , there are many other chances to have a truly complete seaside holiday.

Needless to say, for example that nature lover can not fail to love the horses. With the bike that you will have at your disposal here at the Hotel Suisse , you can very easily get to the Le Siepi Horse centre, which is found on via Nullo Baldini, 1 km away.
The Le Siepi Horse centre has a great story, since it was designed and built in 1974. Each year it hosts important show jumping events but besides that: also dressage (training competitions), Arabian horses, ponies, etc.

Thanks to its large area where there are fields and stables, it is an oasis of greenery and nature, and considering the very short distance of the Le Siepi Horse centre from our hotel in Milano Marittima, it could certainly be another interesting idea for participating in spectacular events during your beach holiday.