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Mirabilandia - visit the parks

Give your family a day to Wonderland, Hotel Suisse is only 5 km


Mirabilandia is the most attractive Amusement Park in Italy!

Children can go on their first roller coaster, in total safety of course, on the "Leprotto Express" (Hare Express), or on the "Carousel" they will experience the unforgettable thrills of classic carousel horses. There are attractions for everyone such as “Scuola di Polizia”,(Police Academy), one of the most thrilling stunt shows in Europe, the spectacle of acrobatic dives; "Niagara" water course on inflatable boats; the "24 hours of Mirabilandia," which follows the famous model of the car race of the 24 hours of Le Mans and allows everyone to compete by choosing the right co-pilot to go on the fun circuit for small cars.


The older ones may be surprised by the emotions (and thrills) that they experience in the "extreme" attractions: "Katun", the most popular inverted roller coaster in Europe, with a top speed of 110 km/h and jump of 50 meters; "Phobia”, a journey into the delusional fears of us all; "Discovery", which takes you up on high, slowly, and then all of a takes you plummeting down in sudden nose dive, with the heart beating at a thousand times a second.


There really are so many rides and games that you can experience every year come to visit us at the hotel near Mirabilandia To get to know it, take advantage of the tickets that are valid for several days!