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House of Butterflies

The House of Butterflies in Milano Marittima is a flutter of wings.


During your beach holiday in Lidio di Savio, the little dream of visiting the House of Butterflies in Milano Marittima will definitely top it, about 2 km from the Hotel Suisse, your hotel in Milano Marittima, you can find this little rain forest, inhabited by colourful butterflies and special animals.
As the name implies, this is a magical place. You come in and, like magic, a myriad of colourful Amazonian, African and Indo-Australian butterflies fly all around you. It will truly be nice to see so many colours and shapes all together: your children will really be taken aback. Some of you will stand directly on the shoulder: you will see that there are very large and incredibly vibrant colours.

Next to the Casa delle Farfalle (House of Butterflies) in Milano Marittima you can also find the Casa degli Insetti (House of Insects), and learn more closely about our tiny companions, here on earth.

Not to mention the nearby Cervia Natural Park, in which, surrounded by 30 acres of pine forest, you can find CerviAvventura, made up of several aerial routes between the pines where the whole family can enjoy themselves safely.

Then choose the 3-star Hotel Suisse as your base among the hotels in Lido di Savio and enhance your beach holidays with a beautiful visit for all ages.