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A day of fun at Aquafan and Oltremare from your hotel in Milano Marittima


Certainly it will be very nice to spend most of your time on the private beach of the 3-star Hotel Suisse Milano Marittima-Lido di Savio, the rest will go to the beach for this generally, lying on the sun lounger sunbathing and listening to the peaceful sound of the sea, stretching out completely.

However, especially for those lucky enough to be able to stay a little bit longer than usual, here's another tip for a nice day trip.

About forty kilometres from Lido di Savio, in Riccione, you will find two amusement parks that are very close to each other, but with totally different characteristics, so suitable for the whole family, since they meet the tastes of everyone.

We are talking about Aquafan and Oltremare. Aquafan is one of the most famous water parks in Italy, with games and attractions known throughout Europe and every year visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors. Oltremare is a park that entertains and teaches at the same time, ideal for taking the kids and introducing them to the fascinating world of science and nature. Do not miss the unforgettable Dolphin performance.

Or, even closer, about twenty kilometres away, you will learn while having fun with Italy in Miniature, in Viserba di Rimini.

The park is a short summary of the most famous and picturesque Italian monuments, built to scale to allow for redesign, within a limited boundary, a part of the beauties of Italy. A perfect way to enrich your Ravenna beach holiday in an afternoon with a very interesting and fun trip with many attractions and games.