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Saline of Cervia

Visit the history and nature of the Saline of Cervia


The history of Saline of Cervia of the Adriatic Coast of Emilia-Romagna. is linked to salt production, essential for the preservation of food, health, and as a strategic value in trade.

"WHITE GOLD" has marked the long history of Cervia and today Cervia salt is recognized as a special "SWEET" salt, for the purity of sodium chloride, copper, magnesium, iron and potassium. Sea salt is collected and packaged and simply washed and centrifuged preserving the richness of the trace elements.
It is sea salt that we use in the treatment of foods to make them more delicious and healthy.


SALINE OF CERVIA PARK covers an area of 827 hectares. The environment is extraordinarily beautiful and charming, with rare species of birds like the pink flamingo, black-winged stilts, avocets and dozens of other protected species.
From the Saline of Cervia visitor centre, an information point and the starting point for GUIDED TOURS, you can go on excursions by electric boat, on foot or by bicycle.

In the middle of summer, in the moonlight under the stars in the heavens, in the most beautiful corners of the saline, emanate notes of the most melodious music. In this enchanted atmosphere you can always enjoy concerts and silence in the evening, with binoculars you can explore the stars in the sky that shine like flames.
These emotions can not be forgotten: come and experience them for yourself at the Hotel Suisse Milano Marittima - Cervia.